For The Better or Worse? Shocking and Impressive Celebrity Makeovers That Will Blow Anyone’s Mind

When it comes to transformations, celebrities have become pros. Many have been known to go to great lengths to portray their parts effectively, choosing to alter the way they look, while some decided to reinvent themselves following a health scare. Others, meanwhile, have decided to go under the knife to feel confident about themselves.

Like ordinary people, stars have also undergone massive changes while in the limelight, but because they’re prominent personalities, fans have made sure to notice these tweaks in appearances. Let’s look at some of the most drastic celebrity transformations and see whether they made the right decision or not:

Nicole Kidman – Age 54

Movie buffs know Nicole Kidman from iconic films like Moulin Rouge!, Rabbit Hole, and The Hours while TV enthusiasts may recognize her from her recent projects like The Undoing and Big Little Lies. As one of the most successful Australian stars who broke into Hollywood, she has amassed legions of fans, who may have noticed how she transformed while in the spotlight.

Kidman has ditched the wild hairstyle and has maintained her long, blond locks. These days, however, you may not instantly recognize her because she is sporting a pixie cut for her newest show titled Roar.

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