Fat Girl Fed Up: How This Couple Managed To Lose 407 Pounds Together In Just Three Years!

In 2019, Lexi Reed and her husband Danny made headlines when they lost a combined 407 pounds in just three short years. According to the couple, the hardest part about their transformation was the challenge of changing their relationship with food.

The pair got married in October 2015, and by this time, they were already fed up with being overweight. At their worst, Danny weighed as much as 280 pounds while Lexi’s weight peaked at 485 pounds. During this time, she decided to take on a 30-day health challenge at a friend’s behest. The results were so positive that even after the challenge ended, she still kept going.

Change Is On The Horizon

credit: @fatgirlfedup

At the start of 2016, Lexi and Danny made a New Year’s resolution to overhaul their eating habits and lifestyle entirely. Their five-part resolution included a commitment to cut out soda and alcohol completely, quit eating out, and 30-minute workout sessions five times a week with no cheat days.

For Danny, a hiking trip with his friends proved to be a turning point in his life, and he realized he truly needed help. Although they initially only vowed to stick with their new lifestyle plan for a month, Lexi and Danny followed through with their New Year’s resolution for three years and lost more than 400 pounds combined.

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